Day 3: Believe to Achieve

Since we are working on our mindset, we ought to believe something crazy. My vote is for the Law of Attraction. The simplest reason is it keeps you focused on being positive. “If I believe it, I can achieve it.” is the law of attraction in action. What it does is put the responsibility on the believer to manifest the life they want. The trouble people have is thinking “if I feel it, I can make it appear.” Like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. So, believing in the Law of attraction is not like believing in prayer or divine intervention. Not the way I consider it.

Let’s not believe The Secret bullshit. I don’t know how many people gave it a shot. They were like hey this is presented in such a way that it seems possible for me. They kinda believe and don’t achieve. But then there were the one’s the focused ones, the crazy ones. They believed and did everything in their power to help it along. Because at its core, The Law of Attraction is goal setting, with a catch. The catch was your emotional will needs to align with what you want. And if you give in to worry, fear, timidity, or just disbelief- your fucked. So, you are responsible for your state of mind. The best way to keep from being fucked- be grateful. Now that gratitude will help keep you positive. That positivity is going to full your belief, “that the world is out to do you good.” We will get to that later. But this attitude makes it easier for you to put a plan into action. It puts your subconscious to work on your problems. It helps you align your actions with your desires. It puts your attention on your goals.

So, if you Believe it, you Can achieve it.

Later Gator 🐊