Day 2: Get Help

The Real Day 1

I know it is day two, but most people really start committing now. It is the start of a new patter. The easiest point to break. These thirty days a are like a sharpened pencil, we are at the breaking point. It is in these moments we decide whether we will continue. Day two is harder than day one; day seven you will really decide if the goal you set for yourself is what you really want. Most will quit or pull back on their goals when day 9 kicks in. It is still early enough to not want to go on and feel like you tried, and that is when you will need help.

Most people need a person or person’s to hold them accountable. It is not a flaw, but part of what is to be human. We lived in tribes, where everyone helped everyone. Your life is no different. Someone picks food, someone delivers food, someone prepares it, someone stores it, someone stands at a cash register for 8 hours so you can buy it. So, there are people out there who charge to hold you accountable; life coach, business coach, gym trainer, Mom, Dad, and whomever else is willing to be there for you. Like an AA sponsor. We all could use help when it comes to our goals. So, while you are still fresh, ask. Ask someone else to hold you accountable, to help you, to work with you, to join you. If they can’t move on to someone else. And if they can’t pay someone.

The goal is to change your life or at least try.
There is strength in community. So, be brave and bold about your goals. Don’t act like you won’t accomplish them, instead get your ass a Three musketeers group, “All for one and one for all.”
For most asking for help is going to be harder than achieving the goal. Our lives are extremely self-centered, but if we can reach out. Our world can open up. Life is better when we make memories with others. Don’t be shy to give that gift to someone else. They may need help with their dreams too.

Later Gator 🐊

I plan on keeping the posts short. So there will be abrupt ends. Just a heads up.

If it is to be, it’s up to me

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