Day 1: Rugged Optimist Mindset


The first thing you will encounter will be what Steven Pressfield calls “Resistance” He talks about it like a force of nature. It comes at you and does its best to stop you from accomplishing your goal. I agree. But I go further. The resistance to the goals we set is a challenge. It is put in place by the Almighty, the Universe to see how bad we actually want something. Shit will go wrong and you will not want to take action on your goals.

Rugged Optimists

We are going to change our minds in the next thirty days. We are going to act like people who see a problem and we embrace it. We not only embrace it, we welcome it with joy to conquer it. We will act like mountain climbers of life. This is the mindset that will overcome resistance. We will embrace our own desire to succeed and accept that the way to get there is the one cowards turn back from.

There is a quote I attribute to Jim Rhon “If I can do it, it is easy.” In full context it is a mindset that looks at everything we are actually capable of doing and saying “It’s easy” imagine grown men looking at the work they have to do. They grumble about it and say it is hard. No matter fucking what they gotta get it done. That is what they are getting paid to do. The physical labor will be done. But they add mental strain on themselves. Their attitudes ruin their day. We are all guilty of this, but when we overcome it, the day and momentum get us through it faster. Now if we came to the work, and say, “this is easy,” we don’t say this to ourselves, no. We say this to the Almighty. We do not want the Almighty or the Universe thinking such a small thing can deter us. We want bigger and better problems. We want more responsibilities and power over our lives. We know we can do the work, so we grin and say to “God is this the best you got?” That is when the shit will hit the fan. Things will break, unforeseen circumstances will arrive to fuck up your routine. Resistance is just the beginning. Do the Fucking Work. We push back.

Mountain Climbers

Every goal we set will take effort, there will be known problems and unknown problems. The unknown problems are the ones that make people quit and stay small. In the next thirty days we are going to change some aspects of our lives. Shit is going to hit the fan. It is going to take dedication and commitment. Life is full of mountains and the best views are from the top. So, let’s climb.

Our first Affirmation, because yes, I believe in self-talk and affirmations.
“If it is to be, It is up to me.”
Repeat this until it becomes a way of getting through things. You are the superhero in your life. You are the main character!

Later Gator 🐊

If you haven’t set a goal, or figured out what you want to change in your life, just pick fitness. Everyone, even fit people are always setting new fitness goals. It will challenge you mentally and push your limits. It is only thirty days, no big deal.