30 Days To Transform Your Life

Can your life dramatically change in thirty days?
If something horrible like a car accident happens, yes. If your significant other Leaves you, yes. If you get fired, yes. If you find out you have type one diabetes, yes. If you get diagnosed with cancer, yes. If you lose a child or spouse to suicide, yes.
The simple answer is yes.
The real question is can you transform your life in thirty days?

Alright, let’s be real, transformation is like the Koi fish turning into a dragon; the effort is what reaps the reward. To be clear, I am not talking about 75 hard or whatever that challenge is. What I am talking about is doing something for thirty days that will have an impact on your life. Now let’s be honest- 30 days ain’t shit. It is however enough to get your ass moving. It will take 90 days of doing something to make it a habit. But we are not talking about a habit, we are talking about changing our lives.

There are categories that we can split our lives into, to make this easier:

Those categories do not make transformation easier. If you change one you impact the other. For better or worse life doesn’t happen in a bubble. When catastrophe strikes it doesn’t care about the other problems you have.
When you try to make your life better you do. You give too many shits about what will happen if you focus on you, instead of what you are supposed to focus on. Because you are aware of what changes will do, you hold back.
To live with purpose is to let some things go. It is like starting a new relationship. Suddenly you have time to talk and text. You make time to be together, you go out to eat, you answer hard questions about yourself, you get to know the other person, and every laugh with that person is a relationship victory. That is transformational, that is the impact we want to have on our own lives.

So let’s experiment with the next thirty days.
It will be an experiment so we can fail to achieve our outcome of transformation and not lose face. This isn’t about shame. It is about choosing what direction you want your life to go in. Pick a category and push yourself everyday to make it more than better, make it different.
For the next thirty days I will write about mindset. A rugged positive mindset. My hope is that will be the encouragement you need to keep going.
I am out of time. So, tomorrow will be day one.
Figure out what you want to do, and start.

Later Gator 🐊