The Risk of Saying Nothing

We all have major issues and troubles that are cast upon us by the world. Most of them are top down problems. Trickle down economics, houses, education, recreation, entertainment, food, you name it there is someone at the top, living good and someone at the bottom starving so their child can eat. These same people are now at war with culture, woke culture. In my mind is the most ridicules and life threatening thing they have decided to do. As they gain power they imprison those who do not conform to the culture they want to see.

Now, the reality is most people are quiet because they don’t want the fight. Life is hard enough as it is. They don’t want to argue with their family members or co-workers who they don’t agree. They don’t want the trouble. They don’t want to fight on the internet. They want moments of peace and quiet. They want to move from the struggling to thriving. The reality is people in power don’t care about those who feel like they have none. They don’t make laws to make your life better. They don’t offer raises so you can keep up with inflation, but have pocketed your labor in profits and gave them out to shareholders. They have made it almost impossible to climb out of poverty. And I don’t want to hear the entrepreneur lie, that everyone can be an entrepreneur, out there making millions a year- the truth is to survive as a society we need people working common jobs. They deserve to move past surviving too, and if they are going to use their life for society’s benefit, they should have a living fucking wage that cares for their needs, and not have the stress of two jobs or how they are going to save enough, when they are barely scraping by.

Alright, I don’t intend to continue to write about the state of the world in drab and dark ways. But I have a tiny voice. I am compelled to use it and to write about the issue at hand because we have lawmakers who are bent on their prosperity and the criminalization of people and cultures other than theirs. I promise I will find a better outlet for this and get back to hope filled messages. But the risk of saying nothing is to put our future in jeopardy, the worst that could happen to me right now is being fired from my job. Anyway, like all of life’s problems and troubles, where there is a will, there is a way.

But the reality is no one is safe when an ideology is forced on everyone. I believe in religious freedom and freedom from religion. I believe in free thought and healthy communication. I believe we are better when we are at our most diverse. The human experience is like an amazon jungle it all seems the same, but the closer you get the more diverse and beautiful if becomes. Once destroyed it becomes desolate and lifeless. When cultures come together we get more, we take the good and leave the bad behind.

Alright, I am going to end with this. The threat of freedom is tyranny- what is happening in Florida is tyranny manifest and is a foot hold to do everywhere.

Later Gator 🐊