The Price You Pay

A tooth ache left unattended causes future pain, in some cases it can kill you. Neglect is a common cause of problems. We notice a small tear fixable with a stitch. We leave it, because it is negligible, then it catches, then snags, and the next thing we know our favorite jacket has a huge hole in it and the repair would deform it. The jacket is gone.

There is a price to be paid- a toll to be reckoned with- and we most of the time avoid it. We avoid it and the recompense comes with destructive future consequences and a higher price.

There is on the other hand the price to pay for success. It is the opposite of neglect. It is paid up front. It is paid by little actions and on occasion big bold ones. Daily habits, long term plans, organized action, is the price. It is as simple as drinking water every day. There are simple daily tasks we can all take to make our lives better or to achieve our goals. Most of them are not extreme. But there is a price to be paid. The more you want, the more you will pay for the benefit of having. Let’s not get it twisted, success isn’t a burden. In fact the more you have of it the easier it becomes to attain. The price you pay for it varies- most people think it is too much until they are confronted with the price of defeat.

The major difference is you build on success. You can build on failure too. You can build if you keep trying if you keep paying the price, you gain skill and knowledge. But if you don’t do anything, you wish, you wait, you keep on as if something should magically fall into your lap, well, you will meet disappointment and defeat and neither have anything for you to build on. Because you didn’t pay for the foundation to build. You didn’t put in the effort to say, “Oh, I can do it better next time” or “I know where I went wrong,” or “I will be better next time” No, instead you rely on luck and don’t realize skill is honed over time. Most of our successes are built on skills. Don’t rely on luck, pay the price to get what you want.

Later Gator šŸŠ