Creative Problem Solving

Creativity is problem solving.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a view of the mountains indoors? Landscape painting.
What if? The first short story.
What if we wrote it down? The first written story.
What if those who couldn’t read, watched others perform it? A play and eventually tv.
The arts, commerce, everything we do beyond instinct is a result of creative problem solving. What we do beyond that is romanticize a type of work.
We don’t realize what makes creative people different is their vision.
When we expand our vision, when we see possibilities, when we see obstacles as nothing more than a “go ahead, try it” we become the creative force in the universe.

The limits we set happen because we give up on our imaginations. We stop thinking creatively and start looking for tried and true answers. We want to know what will work before we even try. The creative problem solver in you isn’t waiting for a problem to solve, we all have plenty. The creative problem solver in you is waiting for you to be courageous enough to do something out of the box.

Later Gator 🐊