Never Give Up

There are a number of things to quit; smoking, drinking, spending hours scrolling through social media sites. Quitting isn’t the easiest thing to do, it isn’t giving up, it is intentionally stopping. It is fighting impulses, desires, and addictions. The quitters are active. They are stopping something to make their life better. Shit, it is the reason we quit jobs that don’t suit us and our purpose.

Giving up is different. Giving up it is born out of pain. It is the fulfillment of discouragement. Giving up is a guarantee of pain and regret. Failure isn’t giving up. Failure is trying. Failure, is doing the best you can. Failure is hitting your limit. Failure is learning you cannot go it alone. Failure is progress. Failure isn’t a mark of shame, but a battle scar that says you put it on the line. Giving up is letting resistance win. It is letting push back, obstacles, and discouragement take the reigns of life.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

― Winston S. Churchill

If you never give up, if you learn from every failure; you can get better, smarter, and faster. You take every failure, setback, and obstacle as a challenge, not a daunting task. You are a mountaineer of success. Giving up isn’t in your mind because your eyes are set for the peaks. The reality is though not everything we set our sights on is worth the effort. There are things we should give up on, dreams that we think we want, but won’t work on. Dreams that should remain dreams, they don’t give us purpose, or fuel our passions, they don’t lead to real world change. I know it is hard to let go of the billionaire dream, but you could literally be the catalyst in millions of others lives for good. You could start, work, or run a foundation that helps people. You could own, work, or manage a business that empowers and uplifts people. You could show up online in whatever form and encourage others to keep pursuing their best life. You could encourage them and be a voice of hope. You see, when we aren’t looking at ourselves, we can see the way to the top of the mountain, generally has to do with helping others. That alone gives us the fortitude to keep climbing.

Alright, that is all I got.
Later Gator 🐊