Plan For A Better Tomorrow

Everyone is different. Simple fact, our brains do not all work the same. Different segments of us process life differently. It is fine and okay. What looks like laziness to some people is actually just another person’s mental inability to initiate and follow through on tasks. The tasks still need to get done, they just have to figure out a different way to get themselves to do it. This reality is hard for neurotypical people to understand. Because the reality is we are all on some kind of spectrum. Most of us have a well functioning brain. So, looking at others from an outside view and judging from our own experiences, we deem people lazy. And that stigma gets put on them from childhood on.

What that means is not every success strategy is going to work for all people. Not every motivation is going to get everyone going. We need to figure our shit out. For some of us will power is so small the littlest thing zaps it, and we are done. But shit needs to get done anyway. So, we need to parent ourselves and create routines. We need chore charts for ourselves. We need reward systems for ourselves. “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Needs to become our battle cry. While we are crying doing the dishes, getting up for work, and doing our best. We have to choose to be in control of our lives. In so doing, we can make plans and assign ourselves tasks. And get shit done.

We cannot wait for inspiration. We have to build enthusiasm, we have to make mountains out of molehills, we have to be our own hype-man.
Because you are a bad ass, you can ______________.
Because you want to, you can ________________.
Because you choose to dream you are going to ___________.
Because it is within you to do and be, you will ____________.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, whatever you choose to say to get you going, needs to be positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Even if the major struggle is to write down a plan. You can do it. Once you have a plan get hyped on it. Write another one. And then do it again. Do it so many times you are excited about the future.

Your commitment to make positive decisions and plans for the future will lead to a better future. Yes, negative and bad things happen, let them only double your commitment to brighter days.

A plan my friend is just deciding what actions you are going to take and what outcomes you hope to get- all of it is subject to change. Enjoy the journey, life ends before we ever really reach the top.

Later Gator 🐊