Reflections on Not Getting Sh*t Done

Reflection only works if you want to grow from it. We are two months into the year. Most of us have continued life as if we didn’t set goals. So, let’s take a step back. Let’s look at the last two months. They were crazy right? Shit happened that we didn’t expect. Life turned juked us. We thought we had our shit down. The plan fell apart. The dream or goal isn’t dead, the road to it just collapsed. That is when it is a good time to spend on reflection.

What did you do with your time?
What comfort zone kept you in place?
What excuse became your dominant narrative as to why you couldn’t do something?
What distractions stole your time?
What real problems got in your way?
What can you learn about life and problems, because of them?
What motivation did you lack?
What easily discouraged you?
What hurt the most about not taking action?
What did you formulate that was too extreme?
What results did you expect without putting in the work?
What makes you better prepared to start again?

You’re alive.
The choices you make now matters. There are ten more months of the year. One step at a time. Looking back too long will only ruin this moment. Learn from it and move on.
You Got This.

Later Gator 🐊