The Value of Hope

To be human is to be aware of the future. To be human is also to have a negative bias of the unknown. And to have a shit day, week, or year is going to lead you to believe that the rest of life will follow suit. Horrible things happen. It is a fact of life. Our brains process it differently from each other. Some go through a physical trauma to the brain from a bad experience. So, yes name calling can hurt someone. Healing from the pain will take time and effort. Healing form a bad experience is the same. Some people have repercussions from trauma that echo into their daily lives and ability to function. It is not the end of their life.

I am not a counselor or therapist or medical practitioner- I am a guy writing to you out of hope. If you need help, it is okay and good for you to seek it out. There is nothing wrong with getting it. There is nothing wrong with you for needing it. Just like a broken leg a broken heart is a serious injury.

We have the power to heal our injuries. We can meditate, focus on the good, use affirmations and consume positive thoughts. I know not easy. But very, very doable. Moving towards hope begins with acknowledging that the place you are mentally or physically isn’t where you want to be. The next step is to find the joy. Okay, joy is a bit much, find the humor. Laugh, laugh at all the shit that has happened. To laugh is to take control of the narrative. It is to change the mental reaction, from fear and pain to ha that is funny, “It would be funnier if it wasn’t me, but it’s funny.” And then you turn your focus on others. You smile at them. You want them to have the good just like you. You want them to succeed. You want to be happy, you want them to laugh, you want them to have a bright future- you want a bright future.

Hope is a priceless thing. Without it humans die, no matter their financial situation. Hope is a gift of infinite value. Hope is what makes a person religious. Hope is what makes a person work for a better future for the world. Hope is what turns the villain into a hero and an idea into a dream come true. Most of us live with small hopes. We can’t wait for the day to end, the weekend, retirement.
What we need is to change, to take possession of hope. To put it in our hearts and to embrace it as a life style. To make everyday count for our end game. There are always the people who need hope in the extremes, but most of us need it as a practical part of our lives. We need to put hope in the actions we take. In that nothing can hold us down only teach us how to do something better, or to avoid the pitfall all together. We can learn to save, to eat right, to exercise, to create, to communicate and live with people we love.

Alright, I gotta go. Have a great day.
Later Gator 🐊