Take Control of Your Life and Problems

The illusion of being limited only shatters when you take action to become free. Life feels like a prison for most people. They are trapped in their day to day. They don’t see the out. They don’t see themselves on a journey, but a treadmill. Their minds are locked into doing the same thing they did yesterday. They don’t realize they have the power to change outcomes.

People get hooked on events as a means of change. They don’t realize events at best are catalysts, but true change relies on repetition. If you want to change; look at the actions you take in your life. Look at the resulting outcomes.
If A equals B then I do or do not want to do A any more.
Getting your shit together to be productive in your life looks like this. It isn’t if I go to this event or read this book. It is if I apply this action or force myself to have this attitude, then these outcomes should result. If they don’t I will try something else. The hardest part is giving it enough time. Actions become habit, attitude becomes mindset. It is self-programming.

The way I see it hard times are always coming. Like a big wave in the ocean, we just need to learn to surf it. Relax, take a breath, get into flow, and ride it. Once you take more control of your life, you will realize what limits us is fear of the unknown. Those problems, even the big ones are events we learned to ride and take under our power as a result of doing it so much.

Later Gator 🐊