A New Start

Change is necessary when you want to actually change your life. But change itself is what stops most of us from actually changing. We set a vision or a goal and we say “That is it, that is my dream life” Those words are as far as it goes. Just dreaming about something happening is as close as we are willing to change. Even though we understand we must take some sort of action to change the situation, we don’t. We stay in the safety of knowing outcomes. We don’t trust the Universe to help us out. We believe the world is against us and that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. We reside in fear and expected disappointment, making all our decisions from our lower sense of self. We believe and act in accordance with those beliefs. Most of us don’t believe we have the power to change. We are stuck in a dark imagination of gloom and doom.

Positive thinking, mindset, law of attraction- they all start in your head. They all have to intentionally combat the negative biases we have about life. They have to retrain the mind to think in terms of optimism. By nature we are more likely to stay alive if we are afraid and cautious. We need to overcome that nature. We used to by curiosity. But now we are spoon feed information, we are deprived of thinking and thinking time. We lost the capacity to program our own minds. Sure, religious groups still do it, but the common person- hasn’t even had the chance to program their minds. To set their sights on the things they want.

But what does it take to become a positive minded person? Thousands of books are dedicated to it. Most just reiterate the earliest books and thinkers. But reading alone doesn’t do it. Just absorbing information doesn’t lead to transformation. Thinking and taking action does. Thinking is an action. Forcing yourself to think is self programming. Yes, we must force ourselves, because thinking actually uses a lot of calories- and we gotta workout. We need to become mentally strong. After that there is action. We need to do something- we have to take a stick and poke the snake. We have to climb the tree to get the fruit. We have to put our ass in seats and start to write. It is up to us to put pencil to paper and make our life art.

2023 and The Law Of Attraction

Now there is a lot of woo-woo shit talk about the law of attraction. For those that talk the shit it doesn’t work and those that love it, well they come off as weird. For me, as I consider it, it is goal setting with a positive mindset as its backbone, with action steps that most people don’t take. They mythologized it to the point that you would be a god, to believe it. But in truth, it is taking action in faith that it will lead to the desired outcome and that the Universe has your back and will help you succeed. That is what I gather anyway. It is a radical mindset change that also believes you are responsible for your thoughts, because those are things. They are creative impulses that let the Universe know what you want. In that way good or bad you are asking for it. I do not prescribe to this view dogmatically. But From here on out, this is going to be what we work on. All the post before this one, will slowly go away. And by the end we will have a sort of a daily boost.

We don’t like to change. I am part of that we. Routine gives us control and a sense of confidence. Writing is part of my routine. I can help the both of us out. We can change our mindsets, you can work on yours as I work on mine. Every day we can think, plan, and take action to improve our situations. Every day, I will post something that will be in line with the Law of Attraction but not as stated above. I believe we are all on a hero’s journey, so life will challenge us, I also believe the Law of Attraction is faith in action, and that thinking is the most challenging thing we can do.

I am out of time. I am sure you get the gist of what is going to happen.
Later Gator 🐊