Choose The Work

Choosing the work you will do isn’t easy.
Choosing takes self direction.
There is no leader to follow.
There is no clear path.
There is no guarantee of success.
What there is, is a guarantee of work.

That is what it is like picking a goal, a dream, or a dead-end job. The ball is in your court. I know nobody considers to play when it comes to work. It is all about the money. They miss the joy that can be had. They also miss detrimental things that happen to your mental health in a bad job or work situation. Work is a necessary human institution that pulled us from hunter, gathers to farmers. Getting back to the wooded wilderness is every right wing nut’s dream, to get away from it all. Fucking quitters. I don’t blame them. But the Capitalistic civilization they love to argue for requires workers. Get away from the concrete jungle capitalism built. Dreaming about a hippie life in the mountains sounds nice, until you realize human life is better lived in community. According to the Bible if you go to heaven you’re going to live in a city. People being together here and now is where work comes in; we like to do shit. We are very ant and bee like. Work is our role in the tribe, it matters to us. It is part of being human. I personally can’t wait to get into the role of nursing home bingo guy. I’m gonna kill it.

Choosing the work you do, is choosing your place in life. But you must understand the work isn’t always connected to money. The work, is just a way for us to interact and help each other, it is a means of reciprocity. It is our way of being human in concert with others. The exchange of money for effort is just a means to get us to do work that someone else needs done, that we don’t want to do. But when we choose to work. When we decide the work to do, that is one of the best ways to take control of your life. But that shit ain’t easy. It takes work, just to work and dedication. Good luck.

Later Gator 🐊