Rest is Useful

What is the best use of your time? The best use of your time, think about it. Not what would you like to do with your time, but what is the most useful to you. Useful, is life sustaining efforts. Useful is progressive activities that move you from surviving to thriving. Going to school, taking a course, reading a book, finding and using helpful information is useful. Getting dishes done is useful. The best use of your time is up to you, but not all of life should be work.

The simple truth is rest is the most over looked use of our time. We need rest if we want to play. We need rest if we want to work. We need rest if we want to think. Sometimes the best use of our time is to do nothing and lay down. To stop putting things in our head. To stop letting the world and all the news get to us. To sit down and enjoy a nap on the couch. To give the whole system a break. That is a useful thing to do for yourself.

It is Monday. Take a nap. Get some rest. Everything is going to be fine, just rest before you get back into gear of go, go, go.

Later Gator 🐊