Overcoming Comfort

The hardest thing for most people to do is take action when they are comfortable. We know instinctively that life is hard. We know that “out there” in the world predators and dangers lurk. So, when we find a safe place where all are needs are met; we stay. There is no reason to jeopardize the good thing we have going on. But the truth is we also stay even if it gets less safe, less comfortable, and more difficult. Just like someone who was raised to survive, we stay in a bad situation because it is predictable; which is a different kind of comfort. That is when life becomes a trap.

There are plenty of good reasons and poor excuses for why we put up with a life we are not happy to live. The main reason is simple, it is hard to pursue a bridge that doesn’t exist.
You know, the yellow brick road that leads straight to the answers to all your problems.
What does exist is you and the actions you have taken.
The potential of who you can become, what you are capable of doing, the life you want to live doesn’t exist until you do something to make it happen. That is, you have to leave the comfort of what you know, and step into the uncomfortable moments of unknowing.

The bridge between us and the life we want to live is the actions we aren’t taking. We have to slowly build the bridge we want to cross. Some of the pillars we set are based on the skills we build or acquire. Some of the stones are attitudes and outlooks we have honed. Some of the slates are friendships with people who want us to succeed. Some of it is just plain luck. But all of it is rooted in the actions you plan to take to make it to the other side of survival. Every action is based on making it to thriving.

Leaving comfort behind, isn’t easy. But it is life saving.

Later Gator 🐊