Death, Life, and The Story We Leave Behind

Death sits at the door, in the passenger seat, and just around the corner. Until recently death, the loss of a loved one was rare. A pandemic changes that kind of thing. It put those of us who lived in relative safety in danger. I know it is not over, the world we live in now has Covid-19 in it. But we collectively have tasted death.
We have a chance to consider what we want to leave behind, but more importantly what we live for.

Date of birth:
Work history:
Honorable mentions:
Details on viewing and funeral:
Burial site:

The above list isn’t fun, it doesn’t say much about who you are really. It is what you find in most obituaries. Nobody cares how much money you leave behind unless they are going to get some or they need it because they depended on you to live, or they’re greedy bastards. I hate obituaries, they are generic they go against my ego and sense of self importance. They don’t say shit about what it was to know you. They serve the purpose of letting others know you were here and now you are not. Now you are dead. Whatever dreams you had are gone with it. The last words about you are brief.

What are you going to live for? Yes, it is all sad and defeating if you focus on the end in the wrong way. But if you say, I want a life of adventure, a life of importance, a life that means something to others. A life that makes me more than a cog in a business machine. Well, you get to say fuck off to your family who would make a short obituary for you. You turn work into purpose, switching to live a life you determined is full of purpose. Creating memories with people because to know you is to experience your life an unforgettable, unique expression of what it is to be alive. To surpass the hardship and to live no matter what you face. For you to choose to be present in the moment and enjoy the company you keep. Ah, to be alive isn’t to wait in line for something to happen. Waiting for something to happen is generally a bad thing. Go ahead, make something happen, poke the bear of life and take it for a ride.

We all die and someone who cannot write well, will fill in the above blank. Write your life every day and do it on the hearts of others. There is a funny thing about life, when we focus on others- we matter more to them. That is when they want more for us. Just a thought.

Later Gator šŸŠ