Blue Monday

This just so happens to be the supposed most depressing day of the year. It is nice that it is on the calendar, but it is bullshit. I say it is nice bullshit to believe. If we get passed today, in general the rest of the year might be hard, but not depressing. Honestly, I can’t believe they didn’t put the winter solstice as the most depressing. Come on the shortest day of the year, isn’t the most depressing? It ain’t. Who am I trying to kid. I am happy when it happens, because after it, day light baby! Every day starts to get longer. The sun is back! And just like that if we take it at face value and get through this Blue Monday, we can get through the rest of the year.

Your mindset about life matters. It matters in the good times and the bad. The moment you feel helpless is the moment you should seek out help. Don’t live there, not in your mind or in your world. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen. Then there are real times when you need someone to step into your life and help you, be brave and accept it. You can make it through this. Today isn’t the best predictor of your tomorrow, your desire is. Every day is an opportunity to create a stepping stone to what you want; even if it is small.

Later Gator 🐊