The Worlds We Dwell In Live In Our Minds.

There are many places we live. Most take place in our heads. They are “what if” scenarios. We play them out imagining outcomes. Some take place in our real lives, job interviews, dates, hard conversations. Others in fantasy worlds. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or Superman?

Writing fiction is to make time and mental space to embrace the world of “What if” and then fix to this is. There are a lot of things I like less and less as I get older. The first is cheesy movies, from plot to dialogue. Unless it is a B-rated horror movie, then I laugh and ponder. I think, what kind of person pays to make such a film and who convinces actors to do it after they read the script. I love it, it is stupid. The romantic world is full of them, even the well made ones. Someone lives in those worlds and shares them with the rest of us. The Lord of the Rings, Game of thrones, and Where the Wild Things Are, worlds we dwell and contemplate. Most of the time we think about them more than we think about our own world. We find comfort in the substitute problems. We are entertained by the “what if” worlds.

It helps. It helps us think about out world if we choose to make the time to. It helps us to think about creatively about things. It helps us think about abstract concepts and to pull them into real life situations. The world of Sci-fi comes to life all the time now. Those nerds who think about math watch a show and think “what if” could that be possible if? And then they try to prove the idea false. As we walk around living in two worlds, ours and the imaginary, let’s play “What if” more in ours and then test it to see what we can do.

Later Gator 🐊