2023 is a Good Place To Start or Start Over

My worldly aim is to make a living writing. It seems like a good use of my time. Or more honestly put, it is a way to put my mind at easy and to use my ingrained creative nature to make a living. For some, life makes sense and things are just so. They say they will do something and they have no internal blockages. They just do it. For some of us, we need to force ourselves to do things. To schedule it. To work at just showing up. Once the task is set, all it takes is discipline and enough will power in the tank to achieve what needs to be done.

Back to Writing

To want to write isn’t to want to be a part of the pack.
It isn’t a want to go where others’ are, it is a desire to stalk them.
To watch them interact and to think about how fucking weird humans, human belief, and the web of human relationships are.
I am not a writer because I am good at grammar, or care for the literary rules. The more I learn them the better my writing gets. That is not why I am a writer. I am a writer, because of two things. The first is expression; It has become my favorite form of communication, even though I think I am slow at it. The second is creativity, I like to write fiction, I am a fucking nerd. I love to make shit up- mostly action, but a funny fib is just as good. I love the fantasy, horror, action, and comedy genres. I feel like I am like everyone else, until I realize not everyone has the desire to create what they consume. As you can tell I also write straight up prose. They are my guilty pleasure. Business books, leadership books, personal development, and a side of woo-woo, shit, I enjoy it. And that is why I have blog. Because the personal-development genre is a jam to me.

Make a dream come true

We have the rest of the year. I am determined to finish a decent novel, write this blog, and have visible six-pack abs. We are all at the starting line. It doesn’t matter what is behind us. What matters is our vision for the future and our willingness to make it a reality. I don’t write as one who has made it. I write like the rest of us huminty in hope that we can mkea a life of our choosing. In hope we can choose our own mountian to climb. In hope that the life of struggle we choose to embrace is one with problems we are excited to solve. I am like every struggling artist out there, working on someone else’s dream until I can take mine a reality.

That is what I have to give for the year ahead. That is my focus. So as I fumble through the year, I hope you start to run. As I jog to my dreams, I hope you take a hammer and nails and start to build. As I whisper funny words of wisdom, I hope you see a better way and enhance your life. I hope like a father for his children that you succeed at building the life of your dreams.

That is all I got for you.
Later Gator 🐊