The View Must Get Smaller

The world changes and for most of us the big news of the day just adds pressure. Some of the news is relevant, some necessary, but most just fear gaining attention. It jumps out at you like there is something you can do about it. The News that is. The news anchors like little heralds of hell. They dig up their obscure experts and platform, whatever messages they might bring. They give you useless news, old news, and a dash of “oh, my goodness,” feel good stories. All of this news is sponsored by someone. Give you the news and sell your attention. They give you the news and sell your thoughts and prayers. They give so they can take in another way. That is the nature of the beast. They cast a wide net.

On the other hand, there are smaller news outlets. Precise, credible, and actually concerned with the news. Most are industry specific, most get paid by their actual readers. I am not trying to imply that all small outlets are truth tellers because their size. Oh, no. There are shit show, liar-pants people out there too, and they work in some rinky dink news places. But they will be caught more easily when the subject is known by the readers. They can’t gloom and doom those in the know. They can’t bullshit for too long or they will get caught.

You are to be the lie detector for your life. You have to know what the fuck you are talking about. There is a world out there that believe things just because it makes sense to them. I know that is why we should all believe things, but the earth is flat, lizard people, the color of one skin has anything to do with a person or people’s value. They believe this shit for a lot of dumb reasons that make sense to them; not because they are true. Know your shit. When we know our shit, our view gets smaller. The world as we know it shrinks and fits our understanding. When it does we can recognize when we don’t know something. Then we can get curious and expand our view and understanding of the world and how it works. The same goes with understanding our place in this mess.

That is all the time I got.

Later Gator 🐊