2023 and Me

Good morning, let’s go.

New Year, new you.

Not fucking really.

Now, what we should say is new year new habits.
New year new hope.
New year, new beginnings.
For most of us it is a new year and that is it.

Not for me.
Not for us.
There are things that are different in my life that will happen in 2023.
There are endeavors I want to go hard on.

The practice of leveling up at things I care about.
My career aim is shifting into Arts and Entertainment.
If I would have let the child and teenager in me have a shot at a career, it is what I would do. It is what I tinker with. It is why I write a blog. It is why I have stacks of art supplies and books in my house. It is why I continually learn about how to tell stories. Why I study anatomy. Why I delight in all the nerd shit that comes out. That part of me hasn’t changed. It doesn’t go away. It sits waiting for any opportunity to see the light of day.

We are here now in 2023 and I have an unclear obligation to you.

My dear readers.

2023 is going to be our year. What you can expect is inspirational humor (parody, satire, dark humor), updates on creative projects, and a lot of the same old shit- me just writing and hitting publish. Because novelty like that is fun too.

That is all the time I have.
Later Gators 🐊