The End of 2022 and The Fear of The Unknown

Happy New Year!

The world isn’t going to change because we start the calendar year over. Most of the time when it changes it is when something dramatic happens. It changes when we move. It changes when we get a new job. It changes when we lose our job. It changes when we commit to our choice to change.

“Fear of the unknown is our greatest fear. Many of us would enter a tiger’s lair before we would enter a dark cave. While caution is a useful instinct, we lose many opportunities and much of the adventure of life if we fail to support the curious explorer within us.”

-Joseph Campbell

What stops us from changing? Fear of the unknown. Fear and every fucking thing that comes with it. Our imagination feeds us with failure, threats of violence, and all the pain that can come from success. Fear of losing loved ones. Fear of losing other opportunities. Fear of losing who you are. Fear in all its dread isn’t an easy thorn to remove from our foot’s hill. It makes us limp instead of walk and stops us from running altogether.

How do we overcome this shit?
Do we face the unknown head on?
Do we convince ourselves everything will be okay?
Do we wait it out?

Fuck if I know.
What I know is the unknown is always coming.
We have to build trust in ourselves.
We need to relax and hope.
We need to face the future with recklessly abandon and kill our expectations of the best and worst. We need to reign in our imaginations of gloom and doom. We need to boost our curiosity if we can take action and breath if we can’t.

I am now a father of young adult daughters. Life has never been more scary for me. I am sure I will fear for the safety of my sons too. They’re free to be themselves and make their own choices. They are free to get hit by a bus, jumped by assholes, raped, or shot because they wanted to enjoy going to a club and dancing. Financial fear in my mind is temporary. The safety of my family fragile. Letting them go. Letting them live takes the mind out of me. Recognizing what keeps us up at night is the unknown. The fear of what others would do. I trust them, I just don’t trust the world.

Here is the thing, the unknown, when it comes to our hopes and dreams of the new year. It is in our hands. It isn’t in the hands of strangers. It isn’t up to anyone else. Our fear of rejection, our fear of failure, it can be overcome. We if we continue to face our fears they will diminish and eventually go away.
Life is a like an arcade. There are many games to play. Some we will succeed at, some we will never get passed stage one. Some too easy. Some challenge us and make us level up. Some bosses seem impossible at first, but after we beat them the first time we know how to do it again. Every time we play a new game, we don’t know what the level will bring. I hope you let this year be a new and exciting level for you. I am sure my fatherly fear will one day go away when I have grandkids.

Happy New Year.
Later Gator

Oh, the blog will go into be different by the end of January. We are going to have fun. Love your faces.