Cut It Out

Good morning, let’s go!

Changes happen. Most often this time of year. Personally, I am cutting things out this year. I am changing habits and focusing in on what I want and what I want to accomplish. I plan on leading a boring life. I like boring- it is where my creativity can flourish. If I am not distracted. If I don’t have too much to do. If the practical doesn’t overwhelm my creative time and mind.

So, I have most shit scheduled for the year. The things I know I am going to do regardless. It has taken me months for some things, days for others. A rough diet plan for the year was just solidified, gotta love calorie counting. My workout routine took two months to figure out, but that is solid. My creative time is in the works and then there is this. The blog.

The last few weeks I have been inconsistent. Busy with life and too mentally distracted to actually write anything of value. From tragedy in the family to emergency home renovation I have been blah. Thinking about the future too much and at the same time waiting for the time to be right. All of it gets pushed to paper plans and what if thoughts. Also being a father- there is a shit ton of worry that you can’t help but do.

With that there will be changes and the blog will have a better schedule. The good thing is, this isn’t something I plan to cut from my life, just figure out how to do it better.

I am out of time. But I want you to know I appreciate you and I’m glad you stick around to read.

Later Gator 🐊

Shit, I forgot the point of what I was writing about. Anyway, getting rid of unnecessary things in your life, creates breathing room. It makes time for you to get the things you want done done. If that means you have to schedule your workout routine a year in advance then do it. Mine is a tight and loose schedule, the same goes for my diet for the year. It changes with the hopes I stuck to it and has room for improvement. But I won’t have to think about it. My mental space is cleared up. And the same will go with my wardrobe and clutter that I have gained over the years. Spring cleaning starts now. Alright, now I am done.