Letting Go Can Move You Forward

Good Morning, Let’s Go!

We have certain expectations. Things we want to see happen in the world. Some things we just expect to happen and others, we work towards. A majority of these things do not go as expected- not as planned, most of the time we don’t make an actual plan. We are going to be disappointed, dejected, or disturbed with an outcome that doesn’t match or exceed our expectations. What is worse is when we see it coming. We know we have no control over the situation, but somehow we are on the fucking Titanic and we just hope to make it through.

We are about to enter a New Year. There were a lot of expectations for 2022 that wasn’t realized. It is okay, let that shit go. You have my permission to say “Fuck it, let’s go again. Let’s Push to make life better this year.”

On that note, here is a list of things you have permission for this year:
You don’t have to be nice.
You can dislike anyone for no reason.
You don’t have to play fair.
You don’t have to hold back.
You don’t have to consider someone else’s feelings who doesn’t consider yours.
You don’t have to play small.
You can be an asshole if it protects you.
You can make time for yourself and demand it from others.
You can do things that make you laugh.
You can hold yourself to a higher standard than others want you to.
You can do your own thing.
You can rest.
You can take a break.
You can push yourself past your comfort zone.
You can leave people behind.
You can be disappointed in others.
You don’t have to go along to get along.
You can say no.
You can choose your fitness level and invest in it.
You can expand your mind.
You can have no goals.
You can wander for a year.
You can poke the box of life to see what will happen.

Letting go of expectations will help you move on. What happened, happened. What you expect to happen didn’t. All we have to work with is what is. Every moment we have the opportunity to make what is something new. It is up to us to do it.

Later Gator 🐊