A Reason to Be Organized

Good Morning, let’s go!

Life is short.
It seems like we have all the time in the world. That there will be time to get shit done. That goals and dreams are okay to put on the back burner. That there are more pressing matters to attend to. It seems that what we want can wait, because we have to get our shit together first.
We never get our shit together.

Once our shit is put together, it falls apart. It is a house of fucking cards. Why, because life is in motion. It doesn’t stand still so you can have things remain the same. Getting our shit together needs to look less like a house of cards and more like a shuffled deck ready to play. Getting out shit together so we can play life is way better than getting our shit together so our loved ones have an easier time sorting things out after we are gone.
Life is short.

Some of us won’t be here next year.
It’s a harsh fact.
The while you are on the shitter, the unexpected burst in and say surprise!
Don’t be so surprised when it happens.
Just know you can regain your composure and finish your business.

Oh, Don’t feel bad that you aren’t ready for next year. You’re human. Pick a direction at the least and go for it. The whole thing is a gamble at some point.

Later Gator 🐊