Rules Are Made To?

Good Morning, Let’s Go!

What rules do you think you need to play by?
What world do you live in?
What rules of that world makes no sense in any other time?
What do you think would happen if you broke those rules?
What do you think would happen if you challenged them?
What do you think would happen if you bent them? 

Rules of society are not laws. But they do have consequences. Workplaces have rules. Hotels have rules. Homes have rules. Churches have rules. Schools have rules. Social media companies have rules. They have repercussions too.

Not all rules have to be obeyed.
Some need to be broken.
Some challenged.
Some seen for what they are, a wall to keep people out.

We all face rules at some point.
When we do, we either conform or confront them.
To ignore them is to confront them.
To obey is to conform.
To push them, to find their edge, to break them down, to challenge absurdity of traditions in place is to think for yourself.
If you break them on purpose, it is to rebel against Society’s expectations.

You have taken control of the game of life.
It will challenge your resolve.
Either it will conform to your rules.
Or you will submit to its.

Rules in the end have a purpose. They are to get shit done. They are to get people on the same page. They become lines in the sand and expectations to be met. If you make your own rules, they are part of your code of conduct. When you become an adult you have rules passed down to you. Rules of keeping a clean house. Rules of eating at certain times. Rules about when you go out or wake up in the morning. Rules that make your life function. I have seen what it looks like when people don’t have rules. It is fucking disgusting. Not all rules hold us down or keep us back. Most rules create a path that makes life easier. Most rules make achievements possible because you are not distracted or stuck cleaning up other peoples messes. Not all rules are made to be broken, most are made to make life functional.

Later Gator 🐊