Chase Fire

Good morning, Let’s go!

There is something pulling at me. It is the truth that what I want isn’t what I say I want. 

The world wants things. It has preset desires. The world… People, people want things. People want to be safe and secure. People want to be caged animals. They want to be indoor pets. They want to be safe from the outside world. People want to lay about. They want to move as little as possible. They want to eat a lot at regular times. They numb themselves with ideas of sex and drugs, they are bored. They watch others play and at times play through an avatar. They pray, knowing damn well it only hits the ceiling. People. They are preset to be the same. They envy those who “Have it all” They miss the point of their own lives. They miss the beauty of being alive. They don’t seek to be- but wish to be. 

I am no different. I am people, just not all people.

The life we seek to live is calling. Each a burden. Each a choice. Each a multitude of paths. 

Most people find a flashlight and that is all they have. They need it to get through. They only dream of getting through the day or week. It provides enough light, but no warmth.

We don’t want to be like them. 

We have to chase fire. 

We have to find where it is lit and steal a piece of the flame.

We have to set ourselves a blaze with it. 

When we do, that is when we feel alive.

Our souls will not settle for all the world has to offer.

Our souls want to burn like the sun.
When we chase fire, we become a hunter. 

When we chase fire, we see visions.

When we chase fire, we live in two worlds.

When we chase fire, we have control.

When we chase fire, our destiny is no longer our problem.