Mind Your Business

Good Morning, Let’s go.

Business by any other name is getting shit done. When it comes to getting shit done, you and I need to be clear what our business is. What is it we are trying to accomplish and by what means are we trying to get it done by. Most people do not consider themselves in business. They go to work for someone else, for a business. They don’t realize they are hired hands to get a job done. They have focused their lives on getting someone else’s business done.
Really, it is fine and good.
Most people need that direction.
They need someone to be in charge and tell them how to live with purpose.
But not us.

No, not us.
There are things we want to see happen in our world- no matter how small. We are willing to put in the work and decide what are business is. We decide how we are going to accomplish it and what the outcomes and rewards will be. 

Life is simple like that.
We have the choice to be in business for ourselves even if we work for someone else. We can choose a place to work that fulfills us. That accomplishes our personal purpose. That lifts us up and give us opportunities.
Because once we decide what our business is, we can determine the best way to achieve our aims. (Even if it is only to make a shit ton of money)

Today is a great day to start working for yourself.
It is a great day to mind your business and get shit done. 

Later Gator 🐊