Be True To Yourself

Good morning, let’s go!

The world has a view of you. 

 I do believe we protect our core.
We put on masks. We act a certain way. We do things to try and impress. 

I gave that up.

It creeps in.

But I gave up pretenses.

I gave up trying to appear worthy.

Appearance is everything.

It tells the world what to think about you.

It tells the world what you think about you.

It says more about nothing, than it does the truth.

The view we have of ourselves is always skewed.

We lie. We lie to ourselves because the truth isn’t what we seek

We lie, because we believe in ourselves.

We lie because we don’t believe in ourselves.

We don’t seek the truth, but a reason.

In today’s world we are told we are worthy now, the way we have always been told. How many people like you. For people to like you it is a matter of survival. It is what keeps you in the tribe. It is what keeps you feed. It gives you a better place at the table.

Don’t shit on the system that makes humanity get along and be decent to each other. The problem is we don’t think we are worthy of love, respect, or companionship.

When I gave up pretenses- It was because I love who I am. I learned to accept my shitty imperfections. I stopped trying to fix myself and live the way others thought was right.

You don’t have to be an asshole to not care what people think about you. You just have to accept that not everyone is going to like you and be okay with it. 

Social media only feels impressive. But the truth is making real friends, is hard. Getting real people to be there for you is hard. Being a friend is hard. It is work. It takes time. 

Learn to be yourself and to be true to that person.

Later Gator 🐊