Prepare For the Year to Come Now.

Good morning, let’s go.

This is the last post for the Holiday weekend. Come Monday we have five weeks left in the year. I have written about goals and goal setting so you can get your ass in gear and kill it next year. 

Do not imagine you have the time- you need to make the time to write out your goals. I hate writing goals and plans. I hate it. My brain tries to do anything other than that. But once I have it, I can take action and get shit done. Finish up 2022’s goals. Push, the finish line is here. And if you fucked up and failed, learn from it and push some more.  Not everything works out the way we wanted it to. It is okay, to just try again. And for some of you to start something new. Kind of a rebirth. 

Talk to you Monday. 

Later Gator 🐊