Your Life is What You Make it

Good Morning, Let’s Go!

The advice we would give others isn’t always the advice we would give ourselves. We see something in others, we see their path as clear as day. We believe in them and their capabilities to succeed. We don’t however see the same for ourselves. On our journey, we see the obstacles. When we look in the mirror, we see inadequacy. Our problems are bigger than us. We don’t have the energy or will to make life happen for us. 

Give advice to a younger person and the above paragraph becomes true. What we don’t understand is we don’t see our lives clearly. We see theirs; we believe in them; we want the best for them. What we don’t see is ourselves. We don’t see our problems in light of our life’s story. We don’t believe we have power, but we can easily believe it for others. 

Let’s imagine you have five years to make your dreams come true. If you don’t, you die. If you don’t, you will be trapped in the same life you have already been living. What would you do?

Five years is a long time.

My suggestion would be start with a positive attitude. That will keep you moving and creative even in the face of setbacks and obstacles.  The second would be to write the dream down, repeat it and keep it front and center of your mind. The last would be to take action every day to move closer to the dream- no matter how small. 

Most people don’t need five years to live their dream lives. Most just need one year to change everything.

You have to write the blueprint to your dreams. You have to chart the course to your success. You have to give yourself advice and go with it.  

Later Gator 🐊