The Power To Change The World

Good morning, let’s go.

The shitty part about living in a world full of diverse suffering, pain, and systemic problems is it leave us feeling helpless. Superman can stop a supervillain from destroying the world, but can’t end poverty. The President can call the troops home, but not stop the school bully. The police only show up after the fact. Homelessness is on the rise as people age out of taking care of themselves.

At the end of the street there is dirt and wilderness. What we call uninhabited land. Land the way it was intended to be. Not covered in pavement. Dug up, cut down, and leveled out, land that we came from. The soil of the earth. Just as our homes and shelters cut out the elements, they also cut us off from each other. We do not feel responsible for the lives and safety of one another. Humans did not come from the wilderness, from tribes, friends, family- to become competitors. We built shelters, homes, and streets to be societies that function and live in cooperation. That should have been the ideal. But the need to survive just became greed and laziness.

What matters now isn’t how it should be. What matters now is working to make sure everyone feels responsible for caring for their neighbors. That we look out for one another. That we stand up for each other. That we live a good life. Not a vacation life, but a good life. We enjoy family and friends. We eat with our neighbors. We meet people, we serve people, we are outgoing and positive influences in the world we occupy.

It doesn’t take super powers, high office, or official authority to be a person of respect and influence. The more people we have that are pillars in our communities the more we can change the world in a positive way. The problems we face are human. So are the solutions. All it takes is each of us doing what we can, to make the world a better place in our own way. When we raise the voices of hope, we win. When we become the hands and feet of good will, we win. When we spend our money helping others, we win. When we become the most loving and outgoing version of ourselves, we win. When we have touched more lives in a positive way, we win.

The small problems we have go away when we lift each other up. If we take care of the small things, eventually we can take care of the big things.

Later Gator 🐊