Mindset, Affirmations, and Getting Past Some BullSh*t

Good Morning, Let’s Go!

We got work.
I know, it’s Friday. We are tired, it’s been a long week. Next week in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving, like the U.S. it has a whitewashed past. But the nice thing about American consumerism, it means time with family, friends, and football. We don’t have to take it so literally, shit, look at Christmas.
Anyway, back to work.
WE need to work on our mindset.
My number one tool for doing so is affirmations.

Before we begin. There is a problem with the Law Of Attraction gurus. Most of the time they tell you to write your shit down. Then they tell you to believe it. Then they put the results of the outcome on your ability to believe. FUUUUUUCK! After that, they can sell you book after book, just like the mega church preachers.
Now, as much as I would like to join them in blowing smoke up your ass I can’t.
WE need practical solutions.
Not the belief of dream peddlers.
The problem with dream peddlers is they don’t work in the real world. They don’t lift cases, move products, deal with customers, clean toilets, work dead-end-jobs, cook and clean for others. Because when and if they did- it wasn’t too long before they got smart and quit or got fired.
In the real world we need people to do their part so we can function as a society. That means we all participate in making the world livable.
And we all want out, we want to retire rich, and be free.
I believe the gurus give advice, that lead to dead-end dreams, so we keep coming back for more. It’s not their fault I didn’t have faith, Let me buy another book.

Before we get started on anything we need to have the right mindset. If that mindset is going to be changing and interacting with how we think and live now, it will need to be reinforced. Affirmations are a great way to self instill belief. The problem the guru’s give us is that they don’t conform to our lives and are therefore unbelievable. WE need to start with something we believe about ourselves and then move up from there.
Saying I am a millionaire- and then looking at your bank account hoping you can buy food for the week, will not reinforce this belief.
Saying I can figure shit out, will.
Saying I work with the best people and then looking around you and knowing you don’t will not do anything for you.
Saying I am a hard worker and people like me, will move you closer to working with better people.
In my opinion focusing on yourself is the path to effective affirmations. But not just focusing on yourself, but who you want to become, and how you want to interact with the world and circumstances. In my opinion who you are determines what you will do and how far you will go. Most of us will have to use affirmations to overcome self-sabotage. That means we have to do a lot of reflection before we write down the first affirmation.

Writing down affirmations doesn’t lead to immediate life change. It is a process. “I am a badass who does hard things” is one of my favorite affirmations. “I feel like doing what others won’t, so I can do what others can’t.” is also another of my favorites. The themes of my life, have been about being tough. I use that and put those affirmations towards goals I have. Some have intelligence as their theme; if that was me, I would write down “I feel confident that I AM smart enough to overcome any problem.”
I feel
Are the two most powerful starts, because when we say I AM, we are instilling a belief about ourself, and if it is true- it becomes stronger. When we say I feel- we are telling our logical brain- to figure out why we are. Logic is dictated by emotion.
Your work for the weekend is to write down three I AM Statements and three I feel Statements. Use those affirmations as much as possible. Commit them to memory, say them whenever you get the chance and tweak them over time, so that they ring true of who you are and who you want to be.

The person you are now, is great. I believe most of us are locked up in our minds and the world only sees a small part of what you and I are truly capable of. Affirmations in my opinion aren’t intended to change you, but unchain you. Make you into a more outgoing, fearless, and loving version of yourself. If that is what you want.

Later Gator 🐊