Get Ready For 2023

Good Morning, Let’s Go.

Do you have your 2023 goals written down yet? Well, if you do or don’t here is something to think about to keep you on track to achieving them.

Plans and goals are two different things. To have a goal is one thing. You might want to be the boss one day. Without a plan you will waste time, energy, and opportunities. A plan lines you up to the goal. If you have a plan without a goal, like go to school, to get a job, to make money, isn’t a goal, it is just shit your going to do. Most of the time without the goal- we give up on the plan. It is the same for those who just find a job to make ends meat. Without a clear goal, they move into a trap of just enough.

The tighter we are on time, actions, and direction the better we will be at getting shit done.

Nino Olson

There are things needed to actually get shit done. The first is a goal, the second a plan, the third a back-up plan. Yeah, everyone thinks you are going to get it right the first time. Doesn’t happen. So, a backup plan is the secondary planning you gotta do to make sure you stay after the goal. It is like computer programing: If, then.
For instance, if you planned on running, because you wanted to lose weight the goal, but it snowed, what do you do? If you can’t run- you planned on doing squats, lunges, and high knees for a half hour. The goal wasn’t to run, but lose weight. The backup plan is to make sure you stay the course.
A backup plan works for everything.

Okay, let’s say you want to get a new job.
You apply everywhere- nothing is happening. Ouch.
Why? Because you suck. Not really? It is because you have an unclear goal, and no plan to achieve it. Getting a new job is a job in itself.
The best way to start is to look way into the future. Imagine working. Imagine working with a company on goals you have. Because the company you go to work for becomes a means to your personal growth and success. If you wanted to become a leader, it is up to you to figure out in what industry you would best serve. Everyone is different and each has something unique to offer. Some people want to go to work and be excited about the mission of the company or the product they make. Anyway, looking into the future sets you up to create a big work goal. Then you pick what industries and companies you want work for. Figure out what skills you need and then acquire them. That is a big to do list, The backup plan, if you can’t find a job. Start your own business. I know fucking crazy. But your goal is to grow with the company, to do something you enjoy. Even if you just start a consulting agency in the field you want to work- you are closer to doing what you set out to do- then waiting for someone else to give you a chance. You have one life, pursue it with gusto.

That was more than I wanted it to be. Not every answer is simple. But setting goals and creating a plan, then creating a backup plan gives you leverage and confidence to take action. A loose plan isn’t as good as a tight one. Be strict with yourself. Putting in the work will require discipline in the face of discouraging situations. Some goals, require smaller goals, and more planning. Time is not the problem. It will keep going even if you decide to stand still. Take advantage of the time you have- set a goal, create a plan, then a backup plan, and then get to work.

I’m outta time.

Later Gator 🐊