Life Will Test You

Good morning, let’s go.

Shit is going to happen. The moment you try to get your shit together is the moment shit is going to hit the fan.

Now, life- this beautiful beast of a woman. She is going to test you. She is going to put shit in your way to challenge you. She is going to let the dogs chase you as you start your marathon training. She will poke you, question you, and tell you the truth- you aren’t ready. Her beauty, grace, and embrace are worth the challenges. To live a life of your dreams, to be the person you set out to be, to live with purpose, passion, and play- Oh, you get to earn that.

As I switch my mindset, to becoming a life coach, I realize I am going to be tested.

Shit is going to happen. Not only to me, but you too, if you aspire to be more.
We will be put through the trials of life. Why? Because no one who wants anything gets it without being prepared to receive it. Life will dig up the soil to plant the seeds of greatness in anyone who wants more than what is offered.
Shit, she will fuck with anyone who wants less too, just to try to get them to be more.
Taking life personally, is a great way to deal with problems. It means you take personal responsibility for all the shit that happens. If you are responsible, you can do something about it. You can make a change, you can learn from the situation, you can grow from the worst circumstances, because you take the power of being in control of your life and attitude. It is a dance between you and life. Neglected responsibilities will come up, things will be put in your way, the journey will get hard- and when you feel you can’t take anymore, that is when you learn the journey of life isn’t a solo expedition. Humans travel in packs.

As we set our sights on the future, we must deal with the past, and not squander the present. Now is the only time we have and our effort and attitude are all we have control over, shit sometimes we don’t even have control over our attitude- but we can work on that.

Later Gator 🐊