A Life In Protest

Good Morning, Let’s Go!

One life. As far as we know. You get the one life.
It is full of mistakes, mishaps, and misfortune- caused by ourselves and others.
It is not fair, it can be cruel, and it doesn’t show mercy.

One life.

There are beliefs of multiple lives.
There are beliefs in an afterlife.
There are beliefs in oblivion.

As far as we know, you and I get one life.

Most of us waste it.

We waste it working.
We waste it playing.
We waste it idling.

One life.

It can end at any time for no reason at all.
We can die like we lived, without purpose.
We all die, but we don’t all live.

We die and live alone. We share experiences with others and gain connection to them and understanding. But it is you and I who have to live and for what? To die. No, my friend. The end game of life is to live a life you enjoyed. That includes the hardships. Overcoming the shit in life, becoming a person who determines their purpose, passions, and value. Being a friend, a companion, a steward and servant of your community. A life well lived isn’t free from pain. A life well lived is in protest to it.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. Quick update. Over the next few weeks, I will be transitioning the blog and a lot of my thinking and shit into Life Coach mode. I am not hot on the term life coach- too generic and not fun or funny. So we will see how I play with it. Alright, now go live.