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Good Morning, Let’s Go.

There is something about the habit of writing that makes people certain of what they believe. They write it down and reinforce their own thinking. Right or wrong, they are committed- shit, everyone has read what they wrote. They can’t go back now. Stupid. It is like the religious fervor around a government document, yes the constitution. Men wrote it, it’s not holy, it is what is keeping this janky country running. Our commitment to following the rules. Anyone who puts it as high as Holy Script is using it for power. Now, if we are growing, if our thinking is truly being challenged, our thoughts and ideas will change. Our certainty will become a humble confidence- flexible- but not rigid. Old people get stuck in thinking certain ways for too long. It is why they clash with new ideas and the next generation, they fail to adapt and consider “These fucking kids learned more than they did, and know something. Their ideas are valuable.”

The point of this post is if you write publicly- people expect you to be one dimensional. They want you to be one of the sources of news, entertainment, or education. And I am a pain in the ass. Not just for my readers, but myself. Some of these posts are all over the place.

To my point. I have written a novel’s worth of words, 172 ideas/posts and I could do this until I die. It is easy for me to wake up and jot down 350 words, about a page. It takes 30 minutes to write and 2 minutes for you to read. Quite the exchange.
One of the things I love about being me is the freedom I give myself to play. As I get older I realize it is one of my best qualities. 2023 is going to be here in fast. I want to set a goal for this blog and my writing. Not fucking easy. My mind is trapped in it because it carries my name. So, “what can I do?” That is what I say to myself anyway. How can I play? How can I take the seriousness of life and fuck with it? How can I take what I do for free and earn a little something, something- without destroying the soul of what I do? FUCKING LIFE COACH!

So in August, I wore a suit and tie to work and pretend I was going to be a Life Coach. I looked like a used car salesman. I made cards handed them out, some people took it serious, some got the joke, and some were confused. The cards were two sided and intended to make people laugh. The idea though- stuck. It stuck because that is unintentional what I do here. Fucking life advice.

What if from now until the end of next year? For one year- I commit to being a Life Coach and if I like it I continue doing it. If not I end my coaching days. Because here is the thing about being a coach. You don’t have to be good or the best at the thing you are coaching. Sports coaches see the game, they instruct and train, they do not play. The fat old coach on the sidelines cannot do what the athletes do and that is fine. We live in a world that doesn’t understand the mind is amazing- bodies are flawed. I digress. I don’t have to live the life my peeps want to live. I just have to see how they can do it and how they are failing to do it, then explain to them how to fix it. It is not counseling, therapy, or any kind of medical care. It is a coach in the ring like in boxing, football, soccer, MMA, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, and all kinds of shit.
So, I am impulsive enough to commit to this; Nino Olson Unorthodox Life Coach. I would love to say outlandish but, unorthodox has such a bad boy appeal.
You are welcome to come along for the ride- you are also welcome to jump off and check in later. I just want you to know you have that option. There are like 600+ of you who are subscribed to this blog, I know it feels like it is just you and me here. But at times we have to acknowledge the masses.

Well, big changes are coming. For now I am out of time.

Later Gator 🐊

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