Two Kinds of Failing

Good morning, Lets Go.

Failing is hard. Truly failing comes two ways. One is not being able to make something happen after trying, the second is quitting after trying. The trying is what makes failing hard. In order to try you need to put effort in. Yoda’s little Jedi ass was wrong. There is try, when it comes to real shit that is not a Jedi manipulation of the force. The good old college try is some real shit.

When we fail after we try. When we find we are incapable of producing a desired outcome we have choices. We can try again. We can rethink our approach. We can get help. We can give it time. We can practice on easier goals and work up to the challenge. We can do it again the same exact way. We can walk away knowing at least we tried.

When we quit, most of the time we get fucked. Quitting for most people happens when pressure feels too great. When the effort they apply isn’t doing anything. When they see they will not finish the task. When shit is not going their way. When they are disinterested in finishing the task. When the outcome doesn’t matter to them so the effort feels like a waste of time. When someone else puts the challenge before them and they have nothing to prove. When there are too many things going on and some things gotta give. Then they quit, they only get fucked because it teaches the mind it is okay to quit when things get hard. Quitting rewards the brain with rest. The rest that generally comes with accomplishment.

I don’t give two shits. I will quit for two reasons. The first is value, if the effort will not produce a greater value or pleasure in the end; then I will fucking quit. The second is the realization that I am pursuing the wrong goals. The wrong goals for me generally are my ego based goals and desires. They are based on visions of greatness that have no place in reality. These dreams, illusions, fantasies die when the journey begins. Reality steps in and we face it and learn we must quit, because the journey is folly. At least that is how it goes for me. Fucking dreamer.

The first kind of failing, is like running for office. After the election, you learn if you won or lost. The second, is ending the effort yourself; shame, disappointment, and responsibility is all on you. Neither are the end of the fucking world.

Win, lose, or fail; here is what matters most, learning. As long as you are alive you can grow from any experience. You can pivot, you can adjust, and you can change direction.
Some people get so stuck on an idea of who they are or who they should be, they waste time running in the mud just to get eaten by gators.
We have a core, we have a base- building on the unique person we are, we can make a life we don’t want to quit on. Building on the person we are when challenges arise, they are actually exciting and we push to meet them. We know they bring growth. We know that growth will give us a greater experience of being alive. The value of accomplishment is worth the effort.

Go after what you truly want.

Later Gator 🐊