What The Hell Should I Write, NANOWRIMO

Good Night, Shit, it is kinda late.

Alright, I had no time to write a post this morning. I had to get my 850 words in. Priorities. I also had to get them in before I could write tonight.
Yesterday, I was full of fear that I wasn’t going to be able to write a story. I shit you not. I didn’t get mouse fart of an idea until close to eight.

The dreaded question most people ask is where do you get your ideas?

Because ideas are fucking hard to come by especially when you need them.
That is why we want to know where to get them.
Well, I am going to tell you where they come from.

We fucking steal them. We go into the ether where the muse live. We wait until they’re good and drunk and we rob the stories they share with each other.
We take stories we like and imagine something different.

I am sure by now you have seen stupid comparisons between movies and books. They try to shit on storylines and how this is the same, but different.

Could you imagine painting a mountain range and acting as if that is the most original. Or the truest.
Stories have their many origins and all of those themes, plots, or whatever have been done before. There’s no reason to stress being original

It isn’t a shame to say,
“Oh, I like the movie Elf, but what if that happened in a world like Game of Thrones. What if the main character was being hunted by his younger brother, who is sole heir to the throne. He finds out the truth about this older brother. The younger brother sends assassins to kill his older brother. Our hero must either kill his younger brother and take the throne, or die”
Now that is not any of those stories. It is just some bullshit I made up. What kicked it off is others ideas.
What will come out will not be the same as any of those two stories. The characters will be spawned from me and my imagination. The plot will change as my imagination gets fed more of the fictional world. As the twist and turns come, you will be surprised what little nuggets of plot changes can occur because you remembered it and can use it.

Alright. I hope that helped.

Later Gator 🐊