Nanowrimo 2022, What A Mess

Good morning, let’s go.

Well, I decided to commit to writing a book this month. Glad to say I lost good sleep and the sleep I did have was of dread. I dreamt I started and couldn’t get any traction on the story I was trying to write. Funny- but not. So, this morning I spent procrastinating and outlining a story I am not going to work on. Fucking great!

I still have 1700 words to write. What stops me the most is not being engaged with what I am writing. I don’t want to pursue some boring shit. I don’t want to read boring shit, yet alone write it. So, I am sure tonight is going to be fun. Hopefully by then I have an idea I want to commit to.

So, what is going to happen to my time writing the blog… Fuck if I know. Not really, this month I am going to focus on writing stories. That is it. Every day at whenever I can, I will pop in with story writing tips.

I have to get back to brainstorming, have a great day, happy holidays.

Later Gator 🐊