October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year

Good morning, let’s go.

We got two months left of the year. That is it 61 days.
61 days to new resolutions.
61 days to new goals.
61 days to new diets.
61 days to put off doing shit you should have done 304 days ago.

Tomorrow is November… For writers it is the temptation month of nanowrimo. National write a novel in a month. It is simply writing 50,000 words in 30 days. It is 1700 words a day. I am tempted as fuck to do it, because for some shitty reason I haven’t finished any writing project, I have started in the last five years or more, to my fucking shame. But it is a huge stress. I split the writing session in two, 850 words in the morning and then again at night. I read over what I wrote and then get after it. That is how I get it done.

Nanowrimo Tips

If you are going to do it, here are some pants sitters tips:
1. It is easier to start with an idea, but if you don’t have one start with bullshit, that works too.
2. The character creates the story. Zombie apocalypse, how is your character going to survive? Vampire boss, how is your character going to slay her before half the people he knows is dead? Bank heist, what is your character going to do when taken hostage? The things that happen are catalysts for character development and that is what we really want to know. We want to connect with the character and enjoy the ride.
3. The outline- fuck the outline. I know beat sheets and plotting give a sense of security. But they change when we create new information. Here’s the thing, if you start writing, about five thousand words in, you will see the outline. You will know where you want to take your character. Shit will start happening, write it down as notes. The natural unfolding will happen and you will have a beat sheet, based on work you have done.
4. Let it be shit. Nanowrimo isn’t about carefully crafting the best damn thing it is writing a goddamn story. 50,000 grinding words. If you have a strong start you may stay interested in it enough to finish the fucking thing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make sure it is interesting and worth reading- because if not you will never go back and edit. You can work with shit. You can’t edit a blank page.
5. The middle is worst fucking part of the book to write, because you know it isn’t the end. So, make it the end for characters. Kill’em, have them get taken out by bad guys. Or have them turn and become enemies. Make the middle the end for some of your character’s journey. Make it meaningful. Make it count. When you do, getting to the end will have more of an impact because of what you and the reader have gone through.

If you are not doing nanowrimo tips

  1. Start thinking about next year’s goals. Write down the goals you didn’t even try to achieve this year and put them on a list of shit you would like to do but aren’t committed to doing. Then think about shit you are really going to do.
  2. If you want to workout, get in shape- the shape you like. Start now. Don’t wait. The same goes for looking for a new job/career, build your resume now. Get it out there and study companies or career interests that you actually want to pursue. Make a fucking plan.
  3. A boring life, can be the most creative. Creative work isn’t done traveling. That helps do research, but it doesn’t actually get you to sit down and do the work. Living in an art studio is solitary. Writing is solitary. It takes time and concentration. It means your a house cat. The same goes for pursuing most goals. You work around your goal, you plan your life around your goal, if it is the other way around you won’t get shit done.

And I am out of time. I hope, I don’t jump into nanowrimo, if I do, you will know.

Later Gator 🐊