Unconditional Love

Good morning, let’s get it.

There are people who will love you no matter what.
You might not be surrounded by them or even think it is possible, but it it true.
This kind of love happens in-person.
It is not because you are so cool, it isn’t because you are great, it is because you are you.
Unconditional love is rarer than it should be.
The human ability to love is damn near infinite.
Yet we are taught to withhold it.
To guard our heart, that we are only able to love one person, or that love is different for different relationship types.
But love, our primal feeling of care, a desire to be close to someone, our connection with them- that doesn’t know relationship boundaries.
Friendships are different than lovers because of intimacy- not because the heart says I love this person less.
When your best friend dies, you will lose your breath- you will feel the pain as if a part of you was torn out.
Just as if your lover had died- the heart will be crushed.
Love isn’t based on our social constructs of relationships.
I love my friends.
There are only a few people I love unconditionally- that I cannot help but do.

Your value in life is more than the productivity you aspire to.
If I were in the jungle and my best friend couldn’t walk and I couldn’t care him out- then we are both living in the jungle until we die.
Love isn’t based on what you can do for others, but the connection you have with them.

Go about your day- but remember, someone is in mourning, even decades after a loved one’s death. When you make a close relationship, you carry a part of their heart with you.

You don’t know how special you are to someone, even if you don’t talk every day.

Take care of yourself.

Later Gator 🐊