Success Isn’t Based On Yourself Perception

Good Morning, Let’s go.

There is always a pressure that things need to be done now. If not done, then we will miss out. Or that we will be too old and we will miss out chance at doing what we love. We feel a time pressure- the world is caving in around us. We are trying to squeeze in enough time to do something, that we think is meaningful. But failure is at our door. We know our insecurities, our limitations, our weaknesses. For most of us that haunts us, holds us back, and hurts any chance we have of going for our dreams. Our deepest feelings of inadequacy are plain to us, but no one else really sees. Meanwhile, there are others who lack more than we and they press on with no concern about their faults.

My dear friend, I have yet to meet a person who has all their shit together. I have met pretty packaged people, I have met good looking people, I have met people who others envy and seen behind the veil. They are flawed, they have faults, they have mis-beliefs that fuck up their chances to be happy. People are people and we are no different. What most successful people have is the ability to get out of their own way. They take action, even if they are not perfect. They ask for the sale, the promotion, the date- even if they aren’t a perfect fit. They keep going even if others think they suck. Why? Because they don’t want to miss an opportunity.

We think it is our flaws holding us back. But in reality it is our a view. We are looking in a mirror instead of out the window. Our attention is on our negatives instead of the positive we want. We don’t look for and go for opportunities. We are stuck because we think we need to have our shit together before we can do something. Success isn’t based on what we think of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less and think of opportunities more. Life, real life is a multi-player, interactive game, even if you don’t look cool you can still play.

Later Gator 🐊