Your Feelings Matter

Good morning, let’s do this.

I am sure you have heard the stupid saying “Fuck your feelings” the group of people who started that are a real sensitive bunch. It is an emotionally based sentence charged with anger and hostility. It isn’t, “let’s get the work done.” It is an “I am going to do this no matter how you feel, because my feelings matter more.” Then when people do things they don’t like, they get mad, upset, they have no emotional control.

On a more practical level, there are people who practice some kind of stoicism or Buddhism where feelings are the problem. They think they are logical. They let the emotion go, because it is a source of suffering. This to me is bullshit.

Our feelings are there to let us know what is good, bad, and harmful. They are guiding systems. They can be put to good use. But they should not be in charge. They don’t understand how the world works. But they understand you are going through something. Good or bad, you have feelings about things. Now those feelings can change over time. They can be tested, to make sure they are real. But don’t discount them. Living with shit feelings means something is wrong and something needs to change. Good feelings, let’s us know we are on the right path.

Sometimes, good feelings are only because we are comfortable. But that comfort can lead to a slow death and misery because the situation was supposed to be temporary. Juxtaposed with that would be a bad feeling. Like when we leave our comfort zone and dread kicks in. We are doing new big things and fear wants us to stop because it is unknown to us. But when we take that leap our world expands and so does our comfort zone.

In the end your feelings matter. They determine how well your day is going to be. We have a lot of say about what we feel. We can choose most of the time, if we can put our situations in the right perspective.

Later Gator 🐊