Regret and The Sh*t That Will Haunt You

Good morning, lets get into it.

So, pre-writing lasted about two weeks. I didn’t put down a single word for this week. Probably because it is unnatural. The nature of this blog and the posts over this last year, is full of spontaneity. Unfortunately, it is how I live for the most part too. It is structured chaos.
There is no point going against what is in my nature. I will just have to make more time in every day to get more writing in.

I am okay with it.
Let’s get on with the post:

I watched a video, I think it was Mel Robbins, talking about regret. A thought stuck out to me, I am going to ruin it, but here it goes. ‘The thing inside you that you are supposed to do, it won’t go away, even at 70, It will fucking haunt you.’
Most people in my opinion don’t have a burning desire to do something big. They have a burning desire to be of importance, to have a purpose, to have a meaningful life. They balance that out with the function of security and safety. It is well within their reach, because it is a mindset. Now, there are those who sell out purpose, passion, and meaning for money and fame. They do it on a small scale and on a big scale. We are all human, even those fuckers at the top. The temptation to chase the shiny object instead of the hidden treasure is real.

Write down what you think the prize is. Write down the thing that is going to haunt you if you don’t do it. Make it a reminder on your phone and figure out how to get it done. Don’t fuck around and miss opportunities. Get ready today.

Later Gator 🐊