Health, Wealth, And Human Desire

Good morning, let’s get it.

What do we all want? We want to be healthy, wealthy, and purpose. We want continually. Humans are desire machines. We want more and more and more. Like a good time we can’t get enough of what we like.

Over the last week I was laying out a mindset on content creation. Letting you in on some thoughts I have and plan on implementing as a content creator. My belief is that service is the ultimate purpose of humanity in a community. It is better to give than receive, the greatest among you is the servant of all, you can’t out give god, and other narratives run through my mind with this thinking. I believe service leads to higher feelings of worth and happiness.

But then there is a special class of people the prosperity gospel preachers. They are a gem of inspiration when it comes to inspiring others. Yes, they twist things to get money, but they tell people something they need to hear. They tell them they are not alone and that gives them the courage to try. It gives them the hope that life can get better. They reassure their congregation that God is for them and they can overcome the trial before them. I honestly don’t give a fuck if you Joel Osteen the shit out of your content and tell people keto diet is the gospel of weight loss and doing it will be their savior. The diet is just a tool. The work is done by the dieter.

I am getting off track.

Prosperity preachers or abundance gurus start with an interest, Money.
They know our broke ass wants more money. Shit in today’s crazy inflationary times, most people need more money. So, we find their content. They are normally positive and encouraging, we like them. Then they come with the success stories and stories of blessings and tell us we can have the same results. This is where they become a shitty influence. They don’t point to actual solutions. They don’t help us navigate misbeliefs, but instead add to them.
They hustle a small donation from us.
They line their pockets and then point to our clear lack of faith.
Don’t fucking do that.
Don’t use the information given as a means to spiritually whore your beliefs out to get some cash. (Wanting money in order to teach me to manifest something while you are barely able to connect the dots on your life and good fortune. Your ass put in the work. That is how you manifest some shit.)

As you create content and connect with others, give them real solutions. Provide a service. You are in their lives as a guide, not a guru, you don’t have all the answers, just a hand full of lessons you learned on your journey. You are the cheerleader, the crowd shouting at the pro-wrestler, the mentor who wants your ideas to spread and make the world a better place. Don’t settle for being a fucking con-artist. (Buy my book and I will show you how to lose 50 lbs of body fat with the Keto diet)

I know not everyone has ill intentions and some gotta get that hustle on, but check your intentions. Yesterday I had a passed co-work, kind of friend reach out to me because, he joined an MLM. For crying out loud- have we not learned after the last 50 years or so of this shit. Friends are a bad customer base. They only feed the pipeline of the person at the top. I am getting off track again. Anyway, I wished them luck, and the truth is the MLM isn’t there to serve the would be customer. It is there to feed the pipeline and those at the top.

As I begin to narrow down our topics, I hope to be of greater service to you, my reader. It is going to take work and time, but I do believe it will be of mutual benefit. So, until next week, live long and prosper.

Later Gator šŸŠ