Stories Have Heroes

Good Morning, let’s get it.

The stories we love have a hero we connect with. In every story, every good story, They put our hero or something the hero cares about in jeopardy. It sucks to be the hero. Their story isn’t rooted in smoothing sailing, it is based in their struggle.

We connect with them because you see yourself in them. We see ourselves overcoming the trials with them. We relate to them and the journey.

Stories inspire us to overcome adversity, pursue big dreams, and save the fucking day, no matter the odds.

The main character needs to overcome a few things externally. But the real wins come when they overcome internal struggles. Those internal struggles are based in misbeliefs. These misbeliefs form a lot of their thinking. They have taken on these beliefs from society, or some they developed as a child, or sometimes it is a strategy they think helps them but now they turn out to hurt them. These root cause issues are what we connect with and learn from. The giant slayer who overcomes their fear to save the world, must first overcome their misbelief that they are worthless and a nobody, they must believe in themselves and their ability to rise to new heights.

When people come to consume content, be it for entertainment, educational purposes, or a sense of connection; they are coming from a story they are living. They are connecting dots between what is being said, seen, or heard. They are engaging because it helps fill in blanks they need answers to. What they don’t realize is they need help overcoming the misbeliefs that are holding them back.

This is where storytellers come in. When we tell stories, share ideas, or information, we are helping people be heroes in their own stories. If you think being a hero is going to make people like you think again. The reason we like most famous people is they inspire us. They boost us up. Yes, they acknowledge their own work, but they give us a sense of if we put in the work, we too can succeed. People aren’t looking for a hero, most of the time. They are looking for a guide.

Unless you are looking for a job, nobody wants a hero. Nobody expects you to come in and take the reins of their life. What we want is to be the hero. We want someone to help us get through our story. Someone we like, someone who encourages us. Someone who won’t bullshit us about the struggle. We want a storyteller to tell us about the journey ahead, then hand us a compass and a machete. We want the tools and some words of wisdom.

Keep that in mind when you connect with others through a shared interest. Keep it in mind when you are out there being a positive influence and creating a life worth sharing. Keep it in mind when you want to share some advice.

Remember your “Aha” moment happens when you overcome a misbelief. That is when your story changes and things start to work out. Sharing that with your audience, will connect you to them. We all have believed dumb shit that hurt us. There are plenty of people bamboozled in today’s world. Helping others overcome that and minimizing the shame is a great help. They understand themselves better when they see themselves in others.

Alright, this has gone too long.

Later Gator 🐊