Being You Is Better Than Pretending To Be Someone Your Not.

Good Morning, let’s get it.

The hardest part of growing up is we lose our sense of wonder. It really happens, most people lose their sense of play, their ability to imagine, their joy in their own company. They continually lose their own perspectives about life and what it means to be happy. Shit, for some people the default mode is miserable. They don’t know how to have a good time. They complain, they see everyday as a problem. They start off with a shit approach to life and let that set the tone for everything else. Nobody wants to be around a negative perspective. The shitty thing is it is easy to fall into. The shittier thing is, it ruins our sense of adventure and ability to play with others.

Yesterday was about the connection people will have with you based on shared interest. Today, today is about you. It is about you being yourself. Not a fucking Internet Troll, but a positive influence in the life of others.
Yes, I get it people are drawn to the negative.
Their alarm bells of us vs. them draw and keep attention.
Going negative is proven to work, but it doesn’t lead to a life or content worth being around.
Think about how people who consume talking head “news personalities” or listen to talk radio, especially political talk radio, those fuckers are negative. The turn their listeners into Dementors and they feed off negative energy. They lose their empathy and ability to think, the radio host becomes their ability to reason. They become the voice in their head.

What the world needs, what we all need is positive people, who we can share a laugh with, people we can share our joy with, people we can rejoice with. These people are the ones we really want to be around. These people are the ones that hook us into their world and share the good things with us. They are the friends we want, the family we wish we had, the shoulder we wish to cry on, and the people we want to support. They are rare to come across in real life so when we find them on the internet or social media we tend to stick around.

I believe don’t like the saying “Be the best version of yourself” the best version is bullshit. You would be striving for bullshit. You and I are imperfect, we are not a product to be improved upon. So, I prefer, be the most loving version of yourself, or the most outgoing. Those two qualities are what most people lack in their lives. The first is because of their me first mentality, the second is because of their insecurities. The funny thing is when you are your most loving and outgoing, you are probably being the most you, you can be. Nothing is holding you back from joy and connection. That kind of being takes work, but it is worth it. The best thing is you are not pretending, you are not trying to be someone you are not. You don’t have to fake enthusiasm or copy someone else’s personality. You need to be liked, you care about living a life of importance.

I have gone longer than I planned. Don’t cater your personality to the world, as if it will care. Be yourself and be a gift to the world, most will pass on it, but those who decide to accept it will be grateful that you are here.

Later Gator šŸŠ

P.S. Hey, I just had a note that I would like to add. Watching an episode of Sienfeild Yesterday, Jerry tried to explain to a one time character that he only had room in his life for his three friends. It was funny, the guy was not happy about it. Not the point. The point is Jerry is a standup comedian in the show. He shares his life, the audience laughs, he goes on with his friends and shit happens. He shares it on stage, he doesn’t try to make the world his friend. The thing is with the show and his act being liked is important, but becoming everyone’s friend isn’t. Through shared stories, we connect with him and the gang. But we don’t actually have to interact with them. In short, it is okay to have three friends and still share your thoughts with the world.