Interest is Key To Connection

Good Morning, let’s get after it.

The internet is an evolving medium for information exchange. Twenty years of common usage have changed everything about the world we live in.
Web sites and blogs had given voice to the voiceless. Social media had connected us with strangers. The two together have led a bunch of idiots and gullible people to believe misinformation and conspiracy theories. It is a doubled edged sword that has been used by a blind man with no armor. Most businesses still do not know how to use it. And most people still use it like a TV, for mindless entertainment, with infinite channels.

In the online marketing space there is a saying, “riches in niches” the idea is the small the topic/passion the more success you will have. It is like Gary Vaynerchuk going off about someone making a living off their passion for the Smurfs and their collection. The reason behind the potential success is twofold. The first is people look shit up they like. They buy what they like. They consume products, entertainment, and educational content that serves their interests. The second reason it works is the internet. They can find their interests through search bars across the internet and social media space.

When you and I decide we want to put ourselves out there we make the simple mistake of thinking it is about us. It is rare that a person’s personality is a good enough hook to pull someone into their content. The world isn’t looking for you. I hate saying that, but it is true. You might be wonderful, the life of the party, the bees’ fucking knees and it won’t amount to much. There are real people in their lives that they should spend time with, people they can connect to, people they can have over for dinner or help them out in times of real trouble. A person aspiring to be an internet personality isn’t in their mind a thing that is needed.

They are looking for something specific. Be it new music, new clothes, D&D nerd shit, comic book reviews, education about careers, how to write a book, what to wear on a first date, or how to make a turkey, they aren’t looking for you. They are first interested in something.

If you are the person that has the thing they want, they may find you. The first touch is a shared interest. The niche. That is what will connect you to others.

I am out of time, tomorrow’s post is about you. Why you matter when it comes to creating content online.

Later Gator 🐊